How to Fix Error 29293 on under Mac OS X

Got error code 29293 issue but still don't know how to fix error 29293 on your Mac? This post here will provide a brief instruction about the error and show you how can troubleshoot this problem on your computer system.

Have a well know about your Mac error

Error 29293 often comes out and appear on the computer with a notification like "[program name] cannot be operated" or "[program name] quit unexpectedly", and the specific error code number often indicates a particular type of problem on the computer. When you receive error 29293 when start up/shut down the computer, or try to launch a program, the error problem will be closely related to the action you are trying to perform on the Mac.

Possible causes and of error 29293

Firstly all of all, let's figure out what may cause this error issue on the computer. As we all known that the Mac computer is a kind of remarkably stable machine that people can get a better using experience with it, even though, problems and errors do happen on the device, which usually lead the Mac user have no idea to resolve. In this case, in order to fix error 29293, you should firstly get know about the common or possible reasons of the error problem on the Mac. As for error 29293 issue, here are some common causes of this problem:

  • Problems of preferences files
  • Kernel Panic issues
  • Full usage of start-up disk or hard disk
  • Installed application issue

Realize the general consequences after getting such an error

Why people often feel worry about the error and want to fix error 29293 as quickly as possible on the Mac? This is because the error problem will cause many unexpected problems and issues on the computer, such as:

  • Annoying error notification constantly display on the computer
  • Always encounter a problem when start up or shut down the computer system
  • Computer freezes, crash issues frequently occur on the Mac
  • Several applications and system features cannot perform as usual on the PC
  • More and more error problems happen on the computer

If this error issue stay on the Mac for a long time and still cannot be resolved, you will find more and more troubles and problems when using the computer. So you should take the following instant measures to get rid of the error issue on your PC.

How can troubleshoot and fix error 29293 well on Mac

Uninstall the program which cause the error

Program installation often has a particular requirement for the operation system, when a program is installed on an OS which actually does not support this specific program, errors will be triggered when you install the application. What's more, a corrupted program issue will also cause the operating error on the Mac. If you get the error 29293 with such a program problem, in order to fix error 29293 well, please firstly go to uninstall the app thoroughly on your PC, and then you can consider to reinstall it if the app is supported to use on your OS X.

Clean associated preferences files

Preference is a type of file on the Mac that store the rules or parameters which aims at telling the applications about how they should work on the device. Corrupted or overloaded preferences files on the Mac computer can easily cause the computer itself or some other applications cannot operate effectively and normally, and the error 29293 will thus be triggered and trouble you.

Many common Mac users would choose to uninstall a program via the Trash, but this program removal method generally cause many preferences files of the program cannot be cleaned well on the Mac. In this case, useless files will accumulate in the Library, and cause many issues and problems on the computer. So, preference file issue is a very general issue with the error 29293, to fix error 29293 in this case, you should clean the associated preferences files, and restart the related program or feature to see if it can behave normally.

  1. Click on Go on the top menu, select "Go to Folder..."
  2. Type "/Library/" in the box, and press the Return key
  3. Open Preferences folder in the Library, and locate the preferences related to the problematic app, and then select to remove them to the Trash
  4. Restart the application and check whether it can operate smoothly without error 29293

Disable useless start-up items

Programs listed on the start-up items are all the applications that will launch automatically when booting up the system, invalid or useless start-up items on the list will cause the OS X cannot help you to activate the associated programs with success, so the error code will display to report this problem on the PC. In order to fix error 29293 with this problem, it is necessary to do a check for the list of log-in items, and delete the ones which haven't been used in currently, and it is also suggested to disable the ones which don't need to be launch automatically on Mac.

Tips can manually disable start-up item on Mac

  1. Click on the Apple icon at the top left corner, select System Preferences on the sub-menu
  2. Go open the Users & Groups pane, you will see a list of apps which will start-up automatically when you start your Mac
  3. Select an item you need to remove from the list, and click on the minus sign button.

Clean junk files on the hard disk

Using the computer and surfing online usually creates a lot of junk files, the advanced OS X is also no exception. So it should be a regular work for people to clean up the junk files on Mac, otherwise too much garbage staying on the computer will cause troublesome issue of running the application and system, which including the error 29293. So, to fix error 29293, it is suggested to check the junk files on your Mac, and clean them completely.

Take a utility to complete this fixing steps automaticall

If you don't want to take too much time to clean and optimize the Mac manually, taking an advanced optimize utility can replace you to to manage the start-up items and clean useless files, and you can finish the above fixing tasks very easily in a short time. More significantly, using such a genuine tool also can help you avoid the manual error on your computer.

MacSavior is an advanced Mac fix tool that allows you to fix the troublesome Mac issues automatically, and optimize the OS X in many aspects, which will be a good choice for you to complete the above manual fix steps quickly and avoid any possible manual error.

How to fix error 29293 with other causes like hardware issues?

Mac hardware encountering a problem is a serious issue on the computer but not happen very frequently, if you unfortunately encounter this problem on your Mac, you will get a Kernel Panic, and the computer freeze-up, screen turning gray and other unexpected error like error 29293 displaying on the PC. To resolve the hardware issue and stop the associated errors on the computer, you should turn to fix the hardware well. Repairing the hardware on Mac is often a big task for many people, in this case, inviting a professional fixing utility or computer expert will be very needed. Already understand how to fix error 29293 well? Why not take immediate actions now to troubleshoot it on your computer?


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